"I just wanted to thank you for focusing so much on meditation and mental wellness in all of our sessions. There’s been a few times recently where I’ve felt incredibly overwhelmed, and it was really powerful to be able to just lay back and focus on some of the breath techniques you teach." - Allegria B.

"I am discovering how Laura's classes really supplement my other training routines (boxing, cycling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). I am way more flexible, my body recovers faster, and I can feel my core really starting to get strong." - Natchet T.

"Yoga lead me to running and exercise, which eventually built up my confidence enough to kick some addictions, get some decent work, and if not find perfection, at least find a place in my life where I could feel healthy. I still think about you every time I practice yoga, and so I felt like I should give you a shout and just let you know. You made a pretty big impact on my life, and I'm really grateful." - Ben I.

"She takes sequencing to an entirely new level, encouraging you through the challenges and nurturing you through relaxation.  Prepare yourself for a mind blowing, body bending, kick-butt vinyasa like no other!" Rhianna S.

"She pays attention to your posture and comments when necessary, adjusts you when you're in poor alignment, and even gives small massages on tense muscle groups to help you relax into poses. On top of all that, Laura's an amazingly gentle and attentive instructor, and a joy to be around. Are you missing out if you don't take a class with her? Absolutely." Ben I.


"My experience with Laura as my doula was amazing!... She gave me breathing exercises, and positions to try that would help ease the pain. My fiancé also was grateful to have her there because he didn't know what to expect or how to help me during labor. Thanks to Laura I gave birth to my daughter naturally with no pain medication. She was born healthy and alert. As for me, I was amazed at what my body was capable of and how great a felt after she was born. My recovery was the fastest I have ever had and I owe that to Laura for helping me learn to listen to my body and what it needs." Lorena A. (4th child)

"Laura arrived at my house within an hour of my contacting her, and made me feel totally at ease.  She not only helped me to feel empowered in my birth process, but helped [my husband] to feel empowered as well.  She offered a perfect balance of suggestive advice and space to let me work things out on my own.  A lot of the time it felt as though she wasn't even there- an angel hovering in some corner of the room.  But when I needed a little help or guidance, she would read me right away and offer words of gold which helped me enormously.  Thank you Laura!  You were fantastic!" Paedrin V. (2nd child)