My mission is to facilitate the release of trauma so my students can rehabilitate and reclaim their bodies.


It has always been my passion to support people. I'm a listener and a nurturer by nature; two qualities that have led me to my career as a yoga instructor and doula.

I began yoga at 7 years old as a curious kid spying on my mom's practice. She quickly urged me to join in, and I practiced regularly throughout my adolescence. In my teen years, it helped me in my struggles with anxiety and depression. My passion to support women and teens in their own personal struggles with trauma led me to take my first teacher training at 19. Soon after that, I took a crisis intervention training and began volunteering at the Sexual Assault Crisis Agency. My time with SACA was powerful, and created in me a strong desire to continue in the direction of service. 


During high school, I devoured any information I could find on women's health, pregnancy, and birth. In July 2014, I took my doula training with Ana Paula Markel of BINI Birth. During my certification process, I have taken workshops with Penny Simkin, Michel Odent, and many other talented birth workers. 

I have trained with the Girls Empowerment Network in Austin, Rainbow Kids Yoga, AcroYoga Montreal, DONA International, Hospice, and Uprising Yoga. I have attended several workshops, such as Nola Brantley Speaks, to assist justice-involved families and combat the commercial sexual exploitation of children. My classes, which blend many different styles of yoga, are body-positive and have a focus on the therapeutic aspect of physical practice and meditation.

Located in Los Angeles, CA